Our Services

Inventory and Valuation

Our approach is tailored to the individual circumstance of each loss. We formulate and execute a plan of action that best addresses the claim situation. We work closely with both the adjuster and policyholder to make certain our reporting will address all of the available coverages involved in the claim, including collection scheduled and blanket coverages, in order to provide the answers necessary to successfully settle the claim.

Before setting out to the loss, we triage the situation to make certain team members sent on site have the necessary skill sets to address the categories of high value items that will be encountered at the loss.

Led by experienced project managers, we collaborate with mitigation contractors on large losses to ensure that unaffected or cleanable contents are identified, packed out, and stored properly.

Contents Consulting manages the process of conducting a physical inventory of all non-restorable items that can be identified following a loss. When areas of the property have been destroyed beyond recognition, the inventory is completed through a “reconstruction” process, which may include interviews and a review of purchase documents, design records, appraisals, risk management reports, images, and videos. A detailed item inventory is then constructed with images appearing on the line level for ease in review.

Our database is further perfected through a collaborative process with the insured until all parties believe the inventory is complete and accurate. We believe it is essential that the staff communicating with the insured regarding their prized possessions have the subject matter expertise to properly discuss the nuances of their belongings or credibility will be quickly lost and faith in the process and valuation undermined.

Contents Consulting has not followed the herd mentality in our industry and devised a one-size-fits-all process. We do not believe in an assembly line approach where the person doing the inventory and discussing the loss with the insured is not involved with the valuation or continued communication with the policyholder or adjuster. We believe such a model is inherently flawed and wrought with failure points. Our career professional project managers are involved in all aspects of the claim handling process.

We are true consultants who analyze the factors surrounding a loss and collaborate with the participants to create a plan of action that best addresses the needs of each loss we handle. We pride ourselves on providing superior, personalized service to both the policyholder and adjuster to ensure the most accurate and seamless resolution of even the most complex contents claims.

Appraisals & Art Advisory

Appraisals & Art Advisory

Appraisals are necessary to accurately insure the current value of a piece of artwork. They also provide peace of mind in knowing you are prepared in the event a loss was to occur. If damages do occur, conservation activities may or may not affect the value of a piece upon completion. Contents Consulting provides comprehensive art advisory services for the replacement of artwork destroyed in a loss or to continue building on an existing collection. We offer guidance on art acquisition and sales of all media along with art authentication and appraisal.

Fine Arts Salvage

If you find yourself in a situation where a fine art object cannot be conserved to a level that would be acceptable to your insured and you agree to pay total loss, you may have the ability to generate a salvage return on a damaged art object. Contents Consulting has been providing consulting, buying, and selling services of fine art objects to insurance carriers for many years. Contents Consulting can find buyers of damaged items as is or, if advantageous to our clients, partner to leverage Contents Consulting’s relationship with conservators and auction houses across the country selecting the most appropriate venue for each damaged piece to maximize return.

Claims Best Practice

Claims Best Practices

Contents Consulting is experienced in performing in-house audits of carrier’s claims handling results on contents to assist in establishing best practice processes and protocols for their contents claims.

Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services

Contents Consulting provides expert witness services to the legal community for all issues involving contents items. We also aid carriers as either a designated appraiser or as a suggested umpire in disputed claim resolution matters.

Conservation Consulting

Conservation Consulting

Conservation may or may not be a viable option for a piece of art following a loss and depends on cost efficiency compared to its replacement value. Contents Consulting maintains a large network of relationships with conservators in a variety of areas including furniture, fine art, textiles, and rugs. Upon inspection of an object to assess damages, we can obtain and manage the restoration process from pick-up to delivery ensuring a seamless process. We are also happy to work within an existing relationship of the insured or adjuster.

Personal Property Cataloging

Contents Consulting provides personal property inventory and cataloging services of collections and general household contents unrelated to contents claims. Having an inventory of your items is often used to ensure proper insurance coverages and assist with estate planning and equitable distribution.

Risk Management

Contents Consulting offers risk management services to both insurers and private clients. We help analyze risks, recommend solutions, and help select proper insurance coverages for both residential household goods and collection policies.